Hi. I'm Lora. 

I help mental health professionals find their ideal clients.


I get it.

People get scared when looking for a therapist.

They wonder: 

  • Would he "get" me?
  • Would she be competent?
  • Would he be caring?
  • What's involved?

It's not an easy process to go through, especially since looking for a therapist usually means the client is already struggling.

Being a therapist has it's challenges, too.

  • Not knowing what each new client will bring.
  • Wanting to give the best possible care.
  • Wanting to grow in your work and be challenged.
  • Needing to pay the bills.

The best possible situation is to have all of these factors combine while filling your schedule. Having clients whose problems match your abilities and interests best leaves you feeling fulfilled and energized.  

We can make this happen.

My Credentials


Master or Arts in Professional Counseling

Work Experience:      

Counselor, Family Support Worker, Case Manager (QMRP - mental disability), Family Advocate, Support Group  Leader, Virtual Assistant, Secretary, Web Page Designer, Social Media Manager.

What This Means

I understand the practical and ethical issues that you deal with.  I understand confidentiality.  I also know that it is very different being in a field where the main tool of the trade is developing and maintaining a relationship.  

That's where my strength is as well.

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