My name is Lora, and I love Doctor Who, baseball, and long walks on the beach.  But you don't care about that.

I'm a Psychology Writer...and So Much More.

I design websites, coordinate social media, and help you structure your practice so that everything runs smoothly. 

I have a Masters degree in Professional Counseling, so I know how to research, interpret data, and write everything from a casual blog to an APA formatted paper.  I understand psychology -- I understand what you do.

Together, we can develop a strategy that will focus your practice toward where your abilities and interests lie.  We can strategize ways to reach your ideal potential clients and establish yourself with colleagues and your community.

I also can help you structure the business side of your practice and give you a framework to wrap your head around so that you can have balance between all the tasks that you have to do when you own your own practice.

Because there is a business side, and they don't teach that in grad school.

A Complete Web Strategy for You

My websites are SEO-formatted and cleanly-edited.  My social media is integrated and focused on your market and expertise.

I coach in a variety of different writing areas:

  • How to format and write for the web
  • How to put together a content calendar to guide your writing process
  • How to write so search engines and potential clients can find you.
  • How to write to educate your students

I also ghostwrite blog posts, articles, and e-books, focusing on the topics that will help your clients.

My writing is:

  • cleanly-edited
  • SEO-formatted
  • structured to be read on a screen (unless we are writing for print), which is an entirely different approach than writing for print.
  • well-researched
  • if format requires, thoroughly documented. 
  • I run all my writing through a plagiarism checker and use Grammarly.  

And the list goes on

If you want to branch out and take it further, I can: 

  • set up a Facebook ad campaign that will promote your new support group, mastermind, or webinar.
  • set up that webinar or training program that will help you reach more people at once and generate income.
  • generate ideas to expand your reach.
  • create and maintain a membership site or support forum.
  • set up and maintain an email list to support any of the above ventures.

Let's talk.

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Lora Horn

Web Strategist for Mental Health Professionals