custom web strategy for mental health professionals -- we work together

A custom web strategy

geared toward exactly what you need


Your clients are people -- people that you are helping and serving. 

You don't see them as numbers, targets, or statistics. 

Neither do I. 

Web Presence:

A custom web strategy for your mental health practice brings together:

  •  your website
  • content (blogs, articles, ebooks)                  
  • social media                   
  • ads
  • profiles (LinkedIn, Psychology Today)

What Do You Want to Do?

What types of therapy are you drawn to?  What kind of situations are you good at helping people face?  

Instead of a long list of diagnoses, tell people what you are best at and how you will work with them.

Fill your practice with the kind of clients that you can serve best.

Play off Your Strengths

Highlight your methods and your specialties. Find clients that need you.

Show Who You Are
People want a counselor is compassionate and capable. Make your website and other content strategies work to show your abilities and personality.
The Whole Package

We (you and I) will put together a strategy that encompasses the best approach for reaching out potential clients and serving your current ones.

Live Long and Prosper

Fill your schedule with clients that can benefit most from your unique skills and abilities.

custom web strategy for mental health professionals wordpress websites

WordPress Web Design and Maintenance

WordPress is the ultimate in power plus simplicity.

A website that will be an expression of your practice and serve the needs of you and your clients. My sites are SEO-formatted, well-edited, and easy for you to access.

Because there is a difference between wanting someone to maintain your site and needing someone to maintain your site.

custom web strategy for mental health professionals social media

Social Media, FB Ads, & Funneling

  • Reach potential clients
  • Interact with colleagues
  • Share information
  • Conduct webinars, masterminds, etc.
  • Recruit for support groups or studies.

So many possibilities.

custom web strategy for mental health professionals -- writing and SEO

Writing, Editing, and Publishing Services

Writing educates, establishes your expertise, and keeps your site active for the search engines. 

Figuring out the who, what, why where and when can be a challenge.

I offer coaching, editing, research, and ghostwriting services. 

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