"Sometimes, a duck is just a duck." - Sigmund Freud (or maybe not)

WordPress Web Design and Maintenance

WordPress is the ultimate in power plus simplicity.

A website that will be an expression of your practice and serve the needs of you and your clients.


Social Media, FB Ads, & Funneling

Target your region, your specialty, and so much more.  

Reach out to people and educate. Social media provides so much flexibility for reaching clients and attaining goals.



Writing, Editing, and Publishing Services

Writing (or even video) does serve many purposes -- It can educate your clients, establish your expertise in the professional realm, and it keeps your site active in the eyes of the search engines -- so potential clients can find you.  But how and when? I offer coaching, editing, and ghostwriting services.



  • psychology

  • content-marketing strategies

  • and my awesome attending skills


 I will focus on these objectives to help you achieve career self-actualization

and make peace with your schedule book.

Play off Your Strengths
Highlight your methods and your specialties. Draw clients that you can help most.
Show Who You Are
People want a counselor is compassionate and capable. Make your website and other content strategies work to show your abilities and personality.
The Whole Package
We (you and I) will put together a strategy that encompasses the best approach for your practice: writing, editing, social media, ads, funnels, etc.
Live Long and Prosper
Fill your schedule with clients that can benefit most from your skills and interests.

It's time we talked. Schedule a Strategy Call.