The Predicament


Are you happy with your website?

On a scale of 1-10, how well does your website reflect who you are as a therapist?   

Does your website communicate your skill and your compassion?

Lion sleeps tonight because mental health websites (templates) lack anything interesting


A good website should:

COMMUNICATE who you are as a therapist

CONVEY your specialties and your skills

REASSURE those searching for care that you are safe and you can help

GIVE  potential clients the information they need to decide whether you are the right therapist for them

AND, it should be EASY TO READ

You're not a template therapist.  

Your clients aren't template clients.  

You shouldn't be using template methods to introduce yourself to your clients.

You should be using a unique approach for your sake

and your clients'.

What I do

You're  a good therapist.   

You've studied and developed your skills.

You're unique and talented at what you do.  

Potential clients need to know that. 


working together - holding hands.  I work with mental health professionals to best communicate themselves and  thatwill help them best serve their clients


I work with you to make these aspects shine:  

   your website                   

   social media                       


   writings (blogs, ebooks, promotions)


Clients calling you will understand who you are

AND they will have confidence that you have

the expertise to help them