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Hi, I’m Lora.

I’m a

mental health



This is my Dog, Dixie. she’s my office mate.

There’s a cat, too, but she’s obsessed with privacy issues.

(I do have a photo session scheduled, really.)


Sit, Stay, Write

When a person is looking for help, it’s a scary, painful, & frustrating process.

I write content that communicates who you are and what you have to offer potential clients, to make this process less scary.

I can even design your WordPress website and coordinate your whole content strategy so that you can focus on what you do best.

(Dixie would rather play fetch. That’s what she does best.)


Whether you are a private practice, small or large clinic, or a B2B service in the mental health realm, I write content that helps you serve your clients.

Creative Content Marketing

What is content marketing? It’s using words to form a relationship with someone who might be interested in your services.  Rather than going for a “hard sell,” it’s about educating and building trust. 

The therapeutic relationship is built on trust — that can start online.

Content Strategy

Content strategy is simply planning out how you convey your message — making sure everything works together. Your webpage, blog, email, and supplemental materials like white papers or case studies work together to reach potential clients and support your relationship with current ones.

I can guide the process for you.


Blog Articles

Blog posts are a valuable tool for your mental health website. 

  • Blogs let potential clients get a feel for who you are and what your expertise is.
  • Blogs support and educate current clients and those that care about them. 
  • Blogs keep your website active and changing, which is what search engines look for.
I help you reach and support your clients on the Web

(Maybe you could throw the ball to Dixie while I do that)

Testimonials & Fun Facts

“Lora provided an article that was both well researched and well written. She went out of her way to include details not asked for, but will surely enhance the reader’s experience. She was a pleasure to work with.”

Joey Hill, Editor –

Did you know that the act of petting an animal reduces blood pressure, lowers stress levels, and alleviates anxiety?

The Cat (name withheld), Office Manager @Lora Horn Web Strategy

Dogs should have liver treats several times a day, and their ears rubbed, and they should go outside and have someone play fetch with them whenever they want.

“How to Care for a Dog” by Dixie the Pointer — Head Researcher @ Lora Horn Web Strategy

Blog: My Side of the Couch

Business, Psychology, and Writing about Writing

(Dixie’s not allowed on the couch, but the cat is. So not fair.)


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