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I’m Lora. I’m a content strategist.

I work with nonprofits and behavioral health/addiction services to develop a solid, unified  digital content strategy that:

  • Focuses on the people you really want to reach
  • Educates and Builds Trust
  • Encourages prospects to take the next step

I Help People Who Help People.

My Services 


Copywriting is business-oriented persuasive writing that’s focused on helping the reader recognize a particular need in them or in the world and presenting the solution (you!). 

There’s an art to leading someone through this process toward taking action. It’s a different framework and it’s way different from most of the ways we learn to write. 

Copywriters (like me) study this process and use it to create a bond between you and your prospective client.

Content Strategy

A solid content strategy encompasses: 

  • Determining what sets you or your organization apart from others in your field.
  • Figuring out who you want to reach out to through your messaging.
  • Deciding where these people hang out on line and directing your message there.
  • Creating content that shares your knowledge with these people so that they grow, learn, and learn to trust you. 
  • Establishing goals (i.e. site traffic, donation levels, mailing list subscriptions) and setting up the analytics so that you know if you’re reaching them. 

A good content strategy is active, creative, and aware. It doesn’t feel like wandering in the dark.


My Clients view the world in 1 of these 3 ways:

Focused Carer

“I don’t want to think about business-y things.

I just want to help people because that’s why we’re here. 

Also, our process may or may not be a little chaotic.”



Totally Self-Aware

“What I do know there is a lot that I don’t know.

We need a strategy and we need to know if that strategy is working…BUT I’m not sure how to get there.”


The Boss

“Whatever it is, there’s a biz side to it. I’m not scared of a sales funnel and I definitely want to know the ROI.

Marketing is only part of the picture. We’re in the business of helping people. Solid practices let us do that efficiently.” 


Whether you are service-focused or business-focused,

I can help you increase awareness, educate your base, and get results. 



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