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Pardon Our Dust

We’re in the process of a name change, transitioning from Lora Horn Content Strategy to Alba Content Studios.

We’re really excited about this new transition… but some things (like the domain and emails) will be the last items to formally switch over, so thanks for being patient during this process.

It’s all about making sure we can serve you while we’re doing this.


Why a White Paper?


If you’re a company or organization that provides a higher ticket service or product for the behavioral health field, white papers are a powerful tool in your arsenal:


A white paper targets the reader at a specific stage of awareness,  takes them by the hand, and leads them to the next stage — and closer to solving their gnawing problem… Because of YOU.


A white paper is a trust-building juggernaut. White papers help  the reader pinpoint their problems, build up their knowledge-base, and arrive at solutions.


Your white paper positions you as an authority on the exact problem your product or service aims to solve — so the clinician and client navigate the healing process better than ever before. 

Hi. I’m Lora.


I’m the main content strategist and tea brewista here at Alba Content Studio.  

create clear, engaging white papers for companies and organizations  that support those on the front lines of behavioral health care.

As a former counseling professional and case manager, I know what keeps your potential clients up at night and what sends them running to their own therapists’ couches… because I’ve been there.

I’ve spent half a lifetime helping people navigate through crisis and transition.

I also understand things like: 

  • Professional ethics
  • HIPAA regulations
  • Nuanced Freudian humor (is there such a thing?)

With my insight and experience, your project moves forward with professionalism and care — because in so many ways, our goals are the same — making healing happen for those who struggle with mental illness.

So let’s pour a cup of tea and have a chat about how we can change the world…

What Alba Content Studio Can Do For You

Content Strategy


Don’t approach a white paper without a strategy.

  • Your Unique Value Proposition
  • Your Customer’s Stage of Awareness
  • Voice/Branding
  • Goals
  • Ways to Reach Out

I’ll help you define all of these so that we’re sending the right message to the right people. 


White Papers


I have an organized approach that will guide us through the white paper creation process. We’ll work together to create a document that will inform, educate, and build trust with your prospects so that when they need to solve that problem, they turn to you.

We deal in high stakes when we work with behavioral health. We’re working with real people who need healing and support. If you have an option that makes life better for people — let’s get the word out there!

Supporting Copy & Forms


Now we’re back to content strategy. Once you have a white paper, you need to get it into the hands of those who need it…and establish a longer relationship so that trust grows.

  • Email sequences
  • Blog posts
  • Landing pages
  • Presentations
  • Social media

What’s best? Let’s talk. 


 Tea & White Papers Are A Lot Alike

  •  Tea is almost never about hurrying. It’s about hospitality and discussion.
  •  It enlivens the senses and leaves you feeling smarter and more relaxed. 
  • Tea is a lazy afternoon on the patio, yet it’s a force that has expanded empires and created nations. 


White papers aren’t about the hard sell —

A White paper is a potent force that builds relationships and establishes trust. 

When you put a white paper in the hands of a prospect who needs answers, you can change the world for: 

  • the therapist who knows their client needs something more (or needs to get their own business under control)
  • the case manager gathering resources for a support team
  • the managed care consultant or treatment center operator who needs to know what’s possible

That’s where the miracle is… where the power is. And that’s what we can do together. 

Just a Few of the 25+ Organizations We’ve Been Honored to Work With

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Writing an Alba White Paper:

What’s Our Process?

1. Discovery Call

We start off with a Zoom meeting or phone call to discuss your needs.

Learn more about my white paper packages and the content strategy that I can incorporate to bring you the most bang for your Gunpowder Green.


2. Proposal & Invoice

After the discovery call, I send over my proposal. When everything looks good and we’ve both e-signed it,  I’ll email my invoice that you can pay by credit card or e-check. We’ll start working when the deposit (usually half of the estimate) clears.

3. Kickoff Meeting

This one will take longer, so we might want to put the kettle on…

We go through all the information I’ll need so that I can start my research process — including getting to know your company, clients, & competition for the Tea Flight Voice Research Package.

We’ll also put together a DACI, which is a list of people involved in the project  — so the process goes smoothly from start to finish.


4. Tea Flight Voice of Customer Research & Report

Unless you’ve already had a thorough branding/voice package done, we start off with this. The more we know about your voice, what your clients value, and the unique place you hold in your market, the better your white paper will be. 

After all, you don’t want to talk chai when your clients need a Lapsang Souchong (smoky!)

Find out more about my Tea Flight Package.

End product: You get a custom voice guide that’s an amazing resource for keeping your content strategy focused. 

5. Stage 1: R&D Research & Direction

First we start with a meeting to go over the Tea Flight voice report. If we haven’t already decided, we’ll use the report to help us decide on the topic of the white paper. 

Then I start researching, interviewing, and outlining. This is going to take a lot of milk oolong!

End product: We’ll come to the next meeting with data, an Executive Summary, and a draft outline.


6. Stage 2: Draft Creation

Now it’s time to refill the teapot and get workin’. I’ll take all of that research & feedback and put it into a document that will speak to your prospective clients or customers.

 End product: A complete white paper draft!

7. Stage 3: Feedback & Revisions

We schedule a meeting to go through the draft and determine what adjustments should be made in voice, approach, & clarity. 

After I work through those revisions, I’ll take the paper through several edits focusing on clarity, specificity, accuracy, & personality.

Then I hand it over to my copy editor to get her insight and have her do a final proofread.

End product: A pristine paper that’s ready for the graphic designer.

8. Stage 4: The Final Meeting -- A Celebratory Cuppa!

In the final meeting, you’ll receive a polished white paper copy complete with some thoughts for the graphic designer. 

As a content strategist, I don’t just hand you over your copy deck and wish you a bon voyage. I’ll help you implement and promote your paper so it gets into the hands of your prospective clients.  

I’ll have ideas about how you can take the data in your white paper further — increasing the value of the project we’ve just undertaken together:

  • landing pages and sign up forms
  • a nurture email sequence for those who sign up to download your white paper
  • ways to use the data we’ve collected in blogs, presentations, and social media so you can bring in more traffic.

I can also set up some of these resources on your website, email host, or CRM. 

Whatever you need, I can make that happen.

End product: A white paper, plus some great ideas to make it work harder for you. 

Kind Words from Some Fabulous Clients

I enjoyed working with Lora a lot.

Not only did she come up with original ideas for my project, but she also was not afraid to question some of the decisions that I made.

She was very willing to work with me, even in times when my idea was not very clear. If the project is a success, she will have played a very important part.

Amin Tazifor

Founder, Wakwat.com

Lora came recommended, but I liked her energy and her ideas. She’s flexible (super-important for working with a start-up), nice, and easy to work with. 

Lora’s a professional and she has a beautiful way of writing.

Hicham El Amrani

Founder & President, 21st Century Job Skills

I’ll Put the Kettle On…


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