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Hi. I’m Lora. 

 I work with nonprofit organizations and mental health/addiction services to help you develop a solid digital strategy that:

  • Preserves your integrity.
  • Builds awareness and trust.
  • Educates and excites.

 So that you can focus on the work of helping people.

I can Help You Find the people who need you

I Understand People Who are Driven to Change Things

I have a Master’s degree in Professional Counseling as well as many years’ experience working in nonprofits of various sizes. That’s why I like working with you–I’m one of you!

You face unique challenges

Those who offer mental health services are dealing with ethics, confidentiality, HIPAA, among other things. These need to be taken into consideration when sharing your message.

NPOs have some of those issues as well, but also have some unique challenges. The stakes are higher. The Board of Directors and the ever present budget play a greater role. The donor relationship is front and center

But in the end it’s about finding the best way to make sure you can help people. We need to build awareness and trust–whether it’s with one person, one community, or the entire world.

I can help you do that.

I Also Know How to Fill in the Gaps So Things Make Sense

I focus my energies on your content strategy. I not only write copy that will communicate your strengths, but also know how to get it out there and make everything work together:

  • email
  • website
  • social media
  • content
  • advertising

I’m a conversion copywriter. That means I work with data. I don’t like to guess about what message we put out there. 

  • I interview employees, clients, and colleagues.
  • I research others in your field.
  • I test different options to see how people respond.
  • I monitor email openings, link clicks, and conversions (appointments and donations).

How do people see you? What are your greatest strengths? We’ll have a good idea what people respond to before we even start and we’ll track whether your message is working all through the process.


Who Are You, Really…Deep down?

Focused Carer

“I don’t want to think about business-y things.

I just want to help people because that’s why we’re here. 

Also, things might or might not be a little chaotic.”



Totally Self-Aware

“What I do know is I know there is a lot that I don’t know. We need a strategy and we need to know if it is working.

BUT I’m not sure how to get there. I’d love for someone to tell me how to do that.”


The Boss

“Whatever it is, there’s a biz side to it. I’m not scared of a sales funnel and I definitely want to know the ROI.

Marketing is part of the picture, though because we’re about helping people, there are differences.”



Whether you are service-focused or business-focused,

I can help you increase awareness, educate your base, and Get results. 




Lora, What sort of mysterious “content” are we talking about?

Case Studies & White Papers

Case studies are powerful tools that show how you are working in people’s lives. A case study can highlight how you’ve helped a client (with their permission, of course) or the work of an impressive volunteer..

White papers are a solid way to demonstrate your expertise and contribute to the core knowledge of your field.



Blog Articles

Articles tell about what matters. They also give you material to share with your email list and in social media.

After a while, you can use the articles to feed other efforts — create an e-book, convert to a podcast or YouTube video, or inspire future posts. 

Content is renewable and recyclable!

Website Design & Content

Your website is the digital place where people go to discover what you are about and how you work. It can be as inactive as a Yellow Pages ad or a living, breathing introduction to everything you are about.

Does it accurately reflect that? Could it be talking over people’s heads or missing out on key information?

Talk to me about a site audit. I’ll evaluate your site’s strengths and weaknesses. and we’ll decide where to go from there. 

Emails & Sequences

A lot of people think the website is the most important piece of their arsenal, but it’s not. The most important piece is your email list.

When you have someone’s email address, you don’t have to worry about changing algorithms, SEO rankings, or even people remembering to go back to your website.

Email communication lets you build relationships and continually puts you in front of your supporters and clients–and you’re in control.


sounding the Horn (Sorry, I had to)

Once you have your website, articles, and other content, people need to see it. Together, we’ll determine what are the best venues for getting your practice, center, or organization in front of people.


Social Media

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn…

So many options for meeting people, gaining followers, and interacting.

Let’s determine what social networks are the best for you to increase awareness and educate people!



Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is exciting. Not only can you specifically target the people who need to see your message (or re-see your message), you can also tell how they react to it.

Do they go to your website or landing page? Do they click to learn more? Do they donate? We can set up analytics and know exactly how effective ad campaigns are.


Google Ad Grant for NonProfits

Do you know about the Google Ad Grant? Have you been intimidated by the process?

Google Ad Grant is a powerful tool for nonprofits. It allows you to target people who are searching for the exact issues you are involved in and they work with Google Analytics, so you know your ROI.


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