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Reach the people who need you

Therapy for your web presence

You Talk, I’ll Listen.

Hi. I’m Lora.

I listen while you tell me about you — your therapeutic approach, what you care about, who you like to help … and I develop a content strategy that serves you and your clients. 

Counseling grad school didn’t teach us how to create websites or develop a social media strategy.

So it’s understandable that you don’t realize that you’re making one HUGE, GINORMOUS mistake.


You make it all about you.

You don’t run your sessions that way.

People go to your site because they need to know what it’s like to do therapy with you.

Your website, your blog posts, your social media needs to be about them.

  • NOT your CV going back to when you rushed Chi Delta Delta your sophomore year.
  • NOT every job you’ve had in the last two decades.
  • NOT a huge list of diagnoses that you treat.

You’re licensed — make that clear. Now tell them why you’re the counselor to help the hurting human being who’s visiting your site..


I create a content media strategy that helps you reach your potential clients

  • The lost
  • The struggling
  • The ones writhing in pain

They need you.

content marketing is your answer

Cure the World Through Content

Good content educates, supports, and encourages

Who I Work With

Mental Health

Tech & Software



Do you provide technology, medical, or SaaS services to the mental health field?

  • Online counseling services and telehealth
  • Labs who provide testing to recovery facilities and sober living homes
  • Client portals and service platforms 


I can take make your technology-laden information and make it understandable to the average reader.

As a mental health copywriter, I provide services that will help build your business and reach out to your potential clients by emphasizing your strengths and giving them the information they need.

Articles and blog posts that inform and highlight your services

  • Web copy that creates interest 
  • Ebooks and white papers that emphasize needs in the industry and how those needs can be met through services like those you provide
  • Case studies that demonstrate the difference your service makes
  • Email communication & sequences that keep potential clients in the sales funnel, informing them, supporting them, and nurturing those relationships

I’d love to talk about how I can help you get your services into the hands of mental health professionals who need them.


Mental Health Services

& Facilties


Are you a mental health or addiction facility? 

You need to be able to communicate specifics about your program and what makes you the right choice when someone needs to remove themselves from their stressors in order to heal.

You also have a unique venue to educate and provide support through the content on your website, through your email list, and through social media. 

I provide services that will help you stand out from the competition yet provide strong support to your clients and their friends & family.

  • web copy that highlights your strongest benefits
  • blog articles that support and inform
  • newsletters that reach families and colleagues in their inboxes
  • email nurture sequences that develop relationships & educate

Let’s explore how we can support your clients and those who love them.


Therapists & Practices

A Complete Service Approach


Not sure how your internet marketing efforts are going?

I can take a look at your site, your PT ad, & any other marketing you are doing.

I’ll point out what’s good, provide suggestions for improvement and outline the next steps for you to implement.


Together, we’ll put together the components of an effective content strategy — either the individual pieces or a complete package:


blog articles

publishing on other sites (i.e. LinkedIn, Medium)



To continue to build momentum and support your clients, we can create a plan for continued marketing:


social media


white papers

Contented Clients


Lora’s provided an article that was both well researched and well written. She went out of her way to include details not asked for, but will surely enhance the reader’s experience. She was a pleasure to work with..”

Joey Hills,

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