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Hi. I’m Lora. I’m a copywriter.

I help nonprofit organizations and mental health/addiction services develop a solid, unified digital content strategy that:

  • Focuses on the people you really want to reach
  • Educates and Builds Trust
  • Encourages prospects to take the next step


You’re Driven to Change Things & Help People

I Get That

I have a Master’s degree in Professional Counseling and a ton of experience working in nonprofit organizations.

I’m one of you! I create content (websites, articles, emails, etc.) that clearly communicates who you are and what your prospective clients need to hear.

You face unique challenges

When you’re in the business of helping people, things look a little different. You want to communicate what’s unique about you and how you help. You want to move people to take action.

If you’re a therapist, you want them to trust you enough to book an appointment.

If you’re a nonprofit organization, you want them to care about your cause. Your content needs to motivate people to make the world a better place. You want them to partner with you.

Building awareness and trust is a process. It takes time and skill to build a relationship online. This is what I do for you.

Let’s talk about how we can build those relationships, educate, and motivate people. Give me a call or fill out my contact form below so we can see what’s possible.


My Clients view the world in 1 of these 3 ways:

Focused Carer

“I don’t want to think about business-y things.

I just want to help people because that’s why we’re here. 

Also, our process may or may not be a little chaotic.”



Totally Self-Aware

“What I do know there is a lot that I don’t know.

We need a strategy and we need to know if that strategy is working…BUT I’m not sure how to get there.”


The Boss

“Whatever it is, there’s a biz side to it. I’m not scared of a sales funnel and I definitely want to know the ROI.

Marketing is only part of the picture. We’re in the business of helping people. Solid practices let us do that efficiently.” 


Whether you are service-focused or business-focused,

I can help you increase awareness, educate your base, and get results. 





You want a unified and clear way of communicating who you are and what you do. Your website, emails, and other media should tell people who you are, how you help, and why they should partner with you to bring change to their worlds. 

You need a goal, a clear message, and a plan.


Return on Investment

You also want to know if your strategy is working. Instead of making occasional attempts at increasing awareness that leave you in the dark, I tie your strategy to metrics–key ways of knowing whether people are seeing your content.

We can even tell how far they read, whether they click to go to the next page, or if they make a donation or schedule an appointment.


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