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About Me

Hi. I’m Lora. Pleased to Meet Ya.

I’m a conversion copywriter who works specifically with nonprofit organizations and mental health/addiction entities.

Why? Because when you work in either of these fields, you have unique needs that can’t be met by someone who generally works in the corporate business world.

  • You’re deeply committed to helping people.
  • You’re bound by ethics, regulations, and boards that provide oversight.
  • You’re different–your strengths and your challenges are different. Sometimes you don’t even like to think of yourself as a business and detest words like “marketing.”
  • You’re not trying to “make the sale.” But you still need to build awareness and gain clients and supporters.

You need someone skilled in writing quality content that educates, builds trust, and increases awareness.


You’re a Good Writer, So Why Do You

Need a Content Strategist?

Of course you’re a good writer, but copywriting has its own methods and writing style that you might not be aware of–and probably don’t have time to learn. 

You’re busy saving the world or your little part of it.

My job is to lead your reader on a journey–where they become even more aware of the need you meet, show how you meet that need, and encourage them toward a certain action. That action could be scheduling an appointment, making a donation, or simply deciding to learn more.

Along the way toward a big decision are several little small decisions–we call them “microconversions.”

These microconversions are little ways that your relationship with each other grows deeper. It may grow fast, it may need to be nurtured for a while. But that’s what good content marketing does–it educates and builds trust until the person is ready to make a big decision.

What my process looks like:

I do a lot of work before a word ever appears on a web page, an email, or anything else. I’m gathering lots of data:


  • I listen to you so I understand what drives you.
  • I talk with clients, colleagues, and/or board members so I can hear what is important to them about how you serve them. This helps us focus in on what is important about what you do.
  • I research others in your field so that I can hone in on what is unique about you and your work (We call this your Unique Value Proposition).

And then I write web pages, articles, emails, etc. that use that data to:

  • Conveys what you do and why it’s important.
  • Leads your visitors on a journey to decide whether you are the right fit for them.
  • And if you are, motivates them to take action: picking up the phone, scheduling an appointment, donating, or volunteering.

After that…(And this is “the kicker”)…

I help you get your message out there.

  • Website creation
  • Google and Facebook advertising (including Google Ad Grant for NPOs)
  • Email list communications
  • Social media promotion

We’ll find your audience–the people who are waiting for you…to help you build awareness and support or find clients who need your services.

My Experience

  • Wife and mother
  • Homeschooling teacher
  • Case manager (at risk families, developmentally disabled)
  • Breastfeeding counselor and support group leader
  • Field interviewer
  • Mental health counselor
  • Foreign aid worker & missionary
    • fundraising
    • donor communications
    • 1:1 relationships
    • project management


I enjoyed working with Lora a lot. Not only did she come up with original ideas for my project, but she also was not afraid to question some of the decisions that I made.

She was very willing to work with me even in times when my idea was not very clear. 

If the project is a success, she would have played a very important part. 

Amin Tazifor

Developer, Wakwat, A Social Network for Apartment Dwellers

Do You Make These Top 3 Mistakes that NPOs and Mental Health Websites Make with Their Content?

No Consistent Strategy!


Together, we determine the best strategy for your organization.

And we’ll adjust it to make sure it works.

You Can’t Tell if Your Strategy is Working!


With so many analytics options out there, I’ll help you monitor your Return of Investment for any project.

You’re Not Clear about Who You’re Talking To


Who’s reading your site?

Are you speaking their

language or have you fallen

into psychobabble or

nonprofit jargon?

Let me help you create a content strategy that will increase awareness and encourage people to take action.

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