About Me

Hi. My name is Lora, and I love Doctor Who, baseball, and long walks on the beach.  But you don’t care about that.

I’m a mental health writer. 

You have needs. We all have needs. That’s what psychology is all about.

But the needs I’m talking about have to do with the writing needs for your practice, clinic, or center:

  • Drawing potential clients
  • Educating and informing those clients
  • Exchanging information with colleagues
  • Interacting with the community
  • Keeping your website active so it comes up in searches.

I have an M.A. in Professional Counseling. I know how to research, interpret data, and write everything from casual blog posts to case studies and whitepapers. I can even write a fully APA-formatted literature review.

Also, if you want to do it all yourself but need a little help in figuring out the how, I can show you that, too.

Let’s talk about your writing needs.

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