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It’s About Time…

Imagine sitting down for tea (sigh…or coffee) with a mental health professional for twenty minutes or more, taking the major challenges that they share and showing them that there are solutions to those problems — in fact, you have one of the best solutions the world has to offer. 

Now imagine having that one-on-one with hundreds (or more) of mental health professionals and care providers. How in the world could you do that without a TARDIS or Hermione’s time turner?  You’d need an army of salespeople to accomplish that.

But this is exactly what a white paper does. 

A white paper allows you to reach out to the professionals who need your services most — 

  • A good white paper shows your prospects that you understand their challenges.
  • White papers also show that you’re willing to lay out solutions, even if all but one of those solutions aren’t YOUR solution.
  • White papers establish your authority.
  • White papers build hard core trust

 When you have a product or service that is more of a continual  investment or a higher-ticket item, your prospect needs more time and more information. A white paper gives them this. It’s a huge relationship builder.

I Know What Your Prospects Need

I’m not just a copywriter who likes psychology. I’ve lived and breathed behavioral health most of my life.

Some of my credentials: 


  • M.A. Professional Counseling.
  • B.Sc. Psychology with a minor in Child Development.
  • QDDP case manager working with severely developmentally disabled clients.
  • Family Support Worker — HOME Program, working with families in the DCS system.

I’m Your Ally 

As a counselor & case manager, I become my client’s ally — and that’s what I’ll be for you. Your business is  your livelihood. I take it seriously.

Not only that, you provide support to those serving on the front lines of behavioral health. You partner with therapists and other care providers to support those struggling with with mental health issues or addiction. We share the same goal. 

And if your prospects need that kind of time and attention, so do you. A white paper is a “high-ticket item.” I take the time to get to know you, your service, your market, and your clients.

I’ll extensively research and deliver a quality white paper that will speak to the people that need you.  And I’ll also provide ideas for continuing that relationship with your prospects once they’re in your funnel. 

I’m here for you. 


Kind Words from Great People Like You

I have had the pleasure of working with Lora Horn and found her to be very creative and knowledgeable. She goes above and beyond in all that she does.  For all of your white paper needs and behavioral health content you cannot do better.

She always provides value and works hard to achieve the results her clients are seeking

Bill Kernodle

Copywriter & Case Study Specialist

Lora refined the content I provided and created new content. She captured our ideas and the way we want to conduct our business perfectly.

Serena Gupta

Director, The Ho Tai Way -- A School for Recovery

Lora helped me fix a current website by changing the theme and setting up MailChimp. She had good ideas and made recommendations that were very appreciated. I enjoyed working with Lora and look forward to working together again.

Pam Davila

Affiliate Website Creator

What I bring to the table:

  • A solid understanding of psychology, diagnosis, & treatment.
  • Counseling & case management experience. I’ve been your ideal prospect.
  • Research skills and writing experience: everything from blogs to white papers to academic writing.
  • A proven ability to take complicated ideas and apply them to people’s lives in a way they understand.
  • Flexibility: I don’t just hand you a piece of copy. I’ll help you implement it and get it seen.
  • I can incorporate SEO, online advertising, social media, and email sequences into your project. I’ll even set everything up on your WordPress site, email host, or CRM.
  • If we work well together, I can hook you up with the best source ever for Moroccan mint tea….

Pride in The Craft…


I have over 10 years experience with content creation, content strategy, digital marketing, and copywriting, but I’m always improving my craft and learning how to better serve you. I stay up on the latest practices to give you the edge.


coming soon…

Alba Means “White”… as in White Papers

Alba Words…



Alb ( a white robe)

Albino bunny rabbit


Albus Dumbledore

Five Years Ago…

…my family and I landed in California after living overseas. We weren’t ready for me to jump into the chaos of to jump through the licensure hoops in California. I needed flexibility and a work-from-home approach, but I still wanted to contribute to the behavioral health world. 

When I was overseas, I was managing our donor relationships — writing newsletters, managing social media, and handling correspondence. So I added to those skills — I learned how to design WordPress websites, took courses in digital marketing…

…and eventually learned what I was doing is called “copywriting.”

Five years and 25+ clients later, my “wraparound” content strategy approach helps my clients communicate their message with a unified voice and message — across platforms and services.

But white papers, case studies, and research-heavy documents are my forte. I love digging in and creating a report that takes deep concepts and explains them in ways people can understand… and will hold their interest (which isn”t exactly common with white papers).

Do you want to learn more?

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