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Divine Service with Communion:  9 a.m.

Bible Study and Sunday School:  10:30 a.m.


Divine Service with Communion:  12 p.m.

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Second Lutheran Church

42 E Second Street

Narwhal, IA  00000



Pastor:  Rev. John Smith


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Bringing your kids?

If you enter your email and your kids’ names and ages to the right, we’ll make sure there is a goody bag for them to welcome them.

Children belong in the Lord’s house, but it isn’t always easy, and they aren’t always quiet.  That’s okay.  We’re fine with that. 

If your child is chatty, please don’t worry.  If it’s more than that and you need a quiet space to comfort your child, just ask the usher, and they will show you a good place.

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Holy Communion

Second Lutheran Church is a member of the _____________Synod. 

It is part of our teaching that when we all kneel at the altar to receive Holy Communion, we are also confessing that we believe we are truly receiving the body and blood of Christ and that we are unified in key doctrines of the faith. 

Out of loving concern and our pastor’s responsibility to those in his care — including our guests, we ask that you make arrangements to speak with the pastor before communing at Second Lutheran Church for the first time. 

His phone number is ______________ and his email is ___________.  He would be more than happy to talk with you.

Those who aren’t communing are welcome to come to the rail with us to receive a blessing.  There will be instructions for what to do in the bulletin.

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Designer Notes

Google Map would be right here. 

This isn’t simply a “plug in your name here” template.  The site would be customized to your favorite colors, graphics, messages, and synodical logos.  If you would like to add another page for an activities page or blog, etc. that can be arranged.   

I kind of went with a “high church” framework, but that is adaptable to your congregation’s needs. Since higher church congregations aren’t generally represented in the “website demo world,” I decided to go with it.

Communion statement and kids contact form are also just demonstrations of friendly, hospitable options (It is a pet peeve of mine to see people sit down in the pew after passing the pastor only THEN to read the communion statement).

This is a simple, low cost, low-maintenance option for a church website.

There also can be a header with your name on it above instead of a graphic.  There also should be a menu to take someone to the different categories along the page (since my website already has a menu, I couldn’t replace it for this sample).

Hit the “Contact Me” message on the menu bar at the top of the page, and I will be happy to talk with you regarding options for your congregation.

 — Lora