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Relationships Start on the Web


Nurture those relationships with informative, supportive web copy.





My Non-Profit Services


Set Up Your Platform to the World

5 Page website Package

(Contact, Privacy, Copyright, Terms, and Disclaimers included for free)

Web Copy

Landing Pages 




“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

— Jeff Bezos

Website/Outreach Checkup

I’ll look at your current website and social media (up to 5 pages and 10 posts) and point out what’s great and what can be improved.


 Find Your Voice Package

Sometimes an organization or even a private practice therapist isn’t clear on who they are talking to and what they are saying. This is a full evaluation.

I talk with you and others in the organization to see how you see yourself

I interview clients (if they are willing) and colleagues to find out how they see you, too. 

Then we put that together for a consistent, effective message that helps you build solid relationships. 

I compile a report that can be shared throughout your organization to give you a consistent approach to communicating with clients, volunteers, and donors.


Content Strategy

The website is not the goal. The relationship is the goal.

Blog articles

Do you want to build trust?  Regular blogging is a massive boon to your outreach efforts and your SEO.


Need information? I can find you your information!

Case Studies

You’ve helped people. Tell those stories (donors, volunteers, and clients love these).

White Papers

Show how your services or products help other organizations or businesses.

 Email Outreach

I’m Copyhackers Certified!

I put together email campaigns and sequences that will keep your readers engaged and informed.

Social Media

When we write content, it shouldn’t just sit there on your page. Let’s use it to reach out to the world!!


There is power behind online advertising. I work with Facebook advertising and Google Adwords, including the Nonprofit Google Ad Grant that could be a killer tool in your arsenal. 


Bringing this All Together

Do you need a combination of the above services or don’t know where to start?

Let’s start with a discovery call and go from there.

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