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I can’t even tell you how excited I was for this project. I’ve lived in apartments. They should be a great place to meet people and have actual relationships with your neighbors, but they aren’t. When trying to zero in on the message I had to think “What was the enemy to an apartment being a community?” Then I realized–there’s no place for people to actually connect. We go from our parking spots to our doors. 

For this project, I created the content, suggested several of the images, wireframed the layout, and also was brought back to create legal pages with clarity and charm.

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I enjoyed working with Lora a lot. Not only did she come up with original ideas for my project, but she also was not afraid to question some of the decisions that I made.

If the project is a success, she will have played a very important part.

Amin Tazifor—Developer, Wakwat

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You Are Not Alone Recovery E-Book

You Are Not Alone started out as a blog post that was so popular, the CEO of Lionrock Recovery decided they wanted to expand it out into an e-book to provide support and information to those wanting to enter treatment and their families.

Interacting with their staff, I researched and expanded the article out into a full e-book that is offered as a lead magnet on their website and is for sale on Amazon.com




Divi Website Creation, Content, & Strategy

Turning Point Landscape Services

Email Strategy 

 Reverse Mortgage Email Campaign 2018

Content Articles

nten article return on investment

Building a strategy and gauging return on investment (ROI): two huge roadblocks for nonprofits




Spring Gardens Recovery

an office waiting room that is homey

 Your Website is Your Waiting Room: Letting Prospective Clients Experience You

LinkedIn Article

“A Basic Lesson on How to Write for the Screen” and other articles

 Concordia Technology Solutions

“Facebook, Dopamine, & You”


Linked In article

“Autism & Recovery” 

(Academic/Professional level)

Addiction Campuses 

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