St Paul Holy Week Samples

Hi Rob,

Here are some images and text suggestions.  These are sized correctly, but are going to show up bigger on here than on Facebook. Let me know what is a good time to talk to discuss if you like any of these and what to do next.


Text suggestions:

I was trying to work with the limited text options and your goal of reaching out to people more evangelical.

Emphasizing the grief and rejoicing grasps at the hunger for depth.

I tried to gear toward your audience with the images as well — but the crucifixion is a reality of Good Friday.  The eucharist picture is just cool and only took me a few minutes.

I’d like to talk about what I’d like to do and see if it is possible.


TEXT positioned on top (90 characters max) Grieve His suffering and death. Rejoice in His resurrection. (72 chars)

HEADLINE just below in larger text (25 char max):  Join us for Holy Week (22 chars)

Link description (30 chars max) : Click to find out service times  [button}