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White Paper Packages Created to Be Your Cup of Tea


Alba Content Studio’s white paper packages are laid out to meet your specific needs — No matter what those specific needs are:

Sweet & Simple

You have the rest of your content strategy in place, you just need a good white paper to complete the experience.

…Just like if you already had the scones and finger sandwiches — you would need a sumptuous tea to make the package complete.


Elaborate & Dynamic

You need a content strategy that takes the white paper we create together and makes it the centerpiece of an completely set table… including    

…Because tea is nice, but tea time isn’t tea time without “a smackerel of something.” (To quote Pooh Bear).


With every white paper package, we have the same focus — You

A good white paper takes the time to really dig into the problem that your prospect is experiencing. And then, it walks them through the possible solutions to that problem.

When you take the time to understand and then work through answers, you’re positioning your company as a trusted authority — someone they can turn to fill that need. 

In the same way, we give you our time and attention so that you get more out of this process than a document — you get someone who cares enough to walk through this process with you and helps you solve any problems that come up along the way: 


We take the time to learn your business, the products or services you offer, your market, and your clients.


That’s only part of the extensive research that goes into creating a white paper that will build your authority and create trust. We’ll show how your product or service fills a hole and helps mental health professionals do their jobs better.


We’ll create a content strategy around your white paper so you can get every drop out of your investment.

Every White Paper Package Includes:

Our Tea Flight Voice Audit Package
3-4 process meetings with stakeholders to monitor progress of the white paper project
Executive Summary and outline
Professional Draft in Google Docs or Microsoft Word
Up to 3 rounds of revisions to incorporate stakeholder feedback.
Final draft incorporating all revisions and possible layout and graphics suggestions

First Order of Business: A Proper Introduction

The Tea Flight Voice Package

vroom vroom


Beer flights, wine flights… they might be super hip and trendy, but they’re ingenious! The best way to get an introduction to something is to taste it and compare it.

My Tea Flight Voice Package is a great way for us to begin working together, and unless you already have a solid voice content strategy in place, I require it so I can do my best work for you — because my job is to use your voice to talk to your prospects.


What’s involved:

To get the best idea of what your strengths are as a company and to really get a feel for your service, I do a lot of research:

  • How do you see your company and your products/services?
  • What do your clients like (or dislike)? Do they appreciate the same thing or something different? 
  • What makes you different in the competitive market?
  • What stage of awareness are your prospects at?
  • What other information is there? Research, website copy, advertising materials, Power Points, etc.

Answering these questions helps us pinpoint your Unique Value Proposition (UVP) — What you offer your prospects that no one else can.

You get a custom voice guide — a wonderful tool for guiding all of your content strategy (My clients LOVE this).

This also gives us laser-sharp focus on the best white paper topic and how to speak directly to your ideal client — the person who most needs to hear what you can offer them.

Also, to make this risk-free for you, I will credit the Tea Flight price to any of the white paper packages below.

stand-alone price


White Paper Packages

The Afternoon Tea Package

The Core White Paper Package


Everyone loves afternoon tea. Your favorite hat, gloves, scones, & Victoria sponge… YUM!

White papers are a big production for any organization… so even the most basic cup of tea is an event because when you’re offering a product or service that’s involved or “pricey,” you need content that takes time to lead your prospect to the right decision.

This package contains all the essentials listed above to make that happen.

Let’s put the kettle on, scoop some Earl Gray into the teapot, and get to work writing your white paper.

starting at


The High Tea


A Richer, Fuller Experience


High Tea…High Value

High Tea is what you’d call “dinner” or “supper.” It sounds super-dainty, but it’s just the opposite: High Tea is that hearty workhorse meal that fills you up after a long, strenuous day. It’s shepherd’s pie or Irish stew… with a nice pot of tea, of course.

An email sequence of 3-4 emails that delivers the white paper to your list.

  • Landing page copy for the white paper so you can drive interested traffic right to it.
  • Sign up form copy that promises and delivers the white paper to new email list subscribers.

starting at


The Ultimate Tea Ceremony Premium Package

Everything You Could Want… and More

If you’ve ever sat in a Chinese tea ceremony, the host puts a shocking amount of tea leaves into the teapot, then brews the tea for a very short time before sharing it among the guests. The host is able to brew up to 5 enjoyable and aromatic pots of tea this way.

In our Tea Ceremony Package, we take the resources gathered to create the white paper, and put it to work in other forms of content, too. Blog posts, presentation slides, video scripts, email nurture sequences, etc. 

  • First Pour: The Tea Flight Package
  • Second Pour: The drafts – The executive summary, white paper, and outline
  • Third Pour: The final draft and any necessary revisions
  • Fourth Pour: White paper email sequence (2-3 emails), landing page copy, and form copy
  • Fifth Pour: The Second Steeping Package (see below)

    starting at



Getting the Most Out of Your White Paper

The 2nd Steep

Making the Most of Your White Paper Investment

A lot of work goes into a white paper —

  • Extensive research
  • Content… content… content…
  • Graphic design and layout
  • Promotion

Why let that cuppa grow cold right away?

Here’s another place where content strategy comes in. My 2nd Steep package takes all that data, content, and effort and builds on that powerful caffeine buzz so that you work smarter, not harder.

There’s no point in starting a new pot when these leaves still have a ton of flavor!

Choose 2 (or more) services that will further use all of these resources to move into other platforms and on multiple funnel levels:

  • A 5-post email sequence: for those who enter your email list through your white paper, build that relationship and highlight key points again.
  • 5 blog posts: with SEO keywords that discuss various issues within the white paper (i.e. highlighting problems, addressing solutions, focusing on certain points in the interview with the subject matter expert or one of the company specialists)… AND directs site visitors to the white paper.
  • A slide deck: that walks through the white paper (10-12 slides) for a video or formal presentation once your graphic layout and format has been determined (so it can match your brand).
  • A series of 8 social media posts or ad copy for 3 ads to drive traffic to your white paper landing page for your preferred platform.
  • A 3 minute video script that highlights white paper content.

starting at


I’ll Put the Kettle On

Are you ready to sit down and talk about using a white paper to promote your product or service? Do you have questions?

Send a message or email me at lora@lorahorn.com and we’ll find a good time to talk.